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2018 Executive Compensation Webinar Schedule
Presented by Anthony J. Eppert

Training Course on Forms 3, 4 and 5
June 14, 2018 | 10:00–11:00 am CT

Details to come.

Continuing education available.

Who Should Attend: This webinar is appropriate for C-suite executives and professionals in legal, finance and human resources departments.

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CLE: Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP will seek CLE credit for this program in CA, FL, GA, NC, NY, TX and VA. Credit hours are not guaranteed and are subject to each state’s approval rules.

CPE: 1.2 credit hours (TX)

HRCI: This activity has been approved for 1 HR (General) recertification credit hours toward aPHR, PHR, PHRca, SPHR, GPHR, PHRi and SPHRi recertification through HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

SHRM: This program is valid for 1 PDC for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.

Please note for credit purposes the WebEx system tracks the join and leave time of all attendees. If you are unable to stay on for the duration of the webinar, you may only receive partial credit or no credit based on the type of credit requested.

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Pay Ratio: Developments from Last Proxy Season
July 12, 2018 | 10:00–11:00 am CT

Preparing for Proxy Season: Start Now (Annual Program)
August 9, 2018 | 10:00–11:00 am CT

Planning for an IPO: Compensation Considerations (Phase I of II)
September 13, 2018 | 10:00–11:00 am CT

Compensation Changes Due to Loss of EGC Status (Phase II of II)
October 11, 2018 | 10:00–11:00 am CT

Taxation of Equity Awards: The 101 Training Course
November 8, 2018 | 10:00–11:00 am CT

How to Negotiate Executive Employment Contracts
December 13, 2018 | 10:00–11:00 am CT


Effective Compensation Governance – The A-Z Course
» Download the Presentation | April 12, 2018 

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss compensation discussion strategies, including:

How to Structure Management Carve-Out and Change-in-Control Plans
» Download the Presentation | March 8, 2018 

The purpose of this presentation is to address various design considerations when structuring a management carve-out bonus plan or a change-in-control bonus plan for key employees. This presentation covers:

Compensation: Proxy Season Considerations and Design Issues under the New Tax Laws
» Download the Presentation | February 15, 2018 

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss and highlight various compensatory design issues for the upcoming proxy season, including design issues caused by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Topics covered in this presentation include:

Compensation: ISS Concerns & Mandates (Annual Program)
» Download the Presentation | January 11, 2018  

This presentation discusses Institutional Shareholder Services (“ISS”) with respect to compensatory matters. To that end, this presentation covers:

2017 Presentations

Sharing the Dream: M&A Transactions & Retaining Key Employees
» Download the Presentation | December 14, 2017  

This presentation discusses various compensation designs that could be used to incentivize and retain key employees through a change in control (“CIC”) transaction of the employer. To that end, this presentation covers:

Navigating Employee v. Independent Contractor Classifications 
» Download the Presentation | November 9, 2017 

This presentation discusses the legal and practical nuances of whether a worker should be properly classified as an “employee” or as an “independent contractor,” and covers how an otherwise improper classification could be prospectively corrected on a voluntary basis (i.e., without an IRS audit) and on an involuntary basis (i.e., pursuant to an IRS audit). To that end, this presentation covers:

How to Properly Design a Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan 
» Download the Presentation | October 12, 2017 

This presentation discusses the design of a non-qualified deferred compensation plan, covering:

Please note that this presentation is intended to be only an introduction to deferred compensation plans/arrangements and is discussed at a entry level

Preparing for Proxy Season: Start Now (Annual Program)
» Download the Presentation | September 14, 2017

The purpose of this presentation is to help publicly-traded companies prepare for the 2018 proxy season, covering: 

Trends in Designing Performance-Based Equity Awards
» Download the Presentation | August 10, 2017

This presentation covers performance-based equity incentive designs trends, including:

Pay Ratio Disclosure Rules: The A-Z Training Course
» Download the Presentation | July 13, 2017  

It is unlikely that the pay ratio disclosure rule will be repealed or delayed, so most public companies will need to comply with the disclosure rule during the next proxy season. As compliance with the disclosure rule can be complex, and will require lead time to navigate the design issues, we are providing this A-Z training course to help public companies prepare for and implement the rule.

Expatriate & Secondment Agreements: Top 10 Issues to Consider
» Download the Presentation | June 8, 2017

Sending U.S. employees on foreign assignments will create a number of compensatory considerations that should be vetted from both a legal and human resources perspective. This presentation discusses issues with respect to certain expatriate agreements and secondment agreements.

Designing Equity Compensation Abroad
» Download the Presentation | May 11, 2017

This webinar discusses design issues that should be considered when granting equity awards to employees in foreign jurisdictions, with a particular focus on recharge agreements, covering:

How to Structure Compensatory Arrangements within Partnerships and LLCs
» Download the Presentation | April 13, 2017

This presentation discusses design considerations with respect to compensatory arrangements within a partnership structure, including LLCs taxed as a partnership. Unless otherwise indicated, all references within this presentation to a “partnership” are intended to include LLCs taxed as a partnership, and all references to “Section” shall be to the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”).

Compensation Committees: A Look at Liability & Fiduciary Issues
» Download the Presentation | March 9, 2017 

This presentation highlights certain compensatory issues that could result in liability to members of Compensation Committees (the “Committee”) of Board of Directors (the “Board”) of publicly-traded corporations, covering:

Equity Plans & Award Agreements: The Training Course
» Download the Presentation | February 9, 2017

This presentation is to discuss certain provisions of an equity incentive plan and its award agreements, with a focus on design considerations that could ease plan administration or optimize flexibility for the employer.

Compensation: ISS Concerns & Mandates (Annual Program)
» Download the Presentation | January 19, 2017

This presentation discusses Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) with respect to compensatory matters. To that end, this presentation covers:

2016 Presentations

The Importance of Miscellaneous Provisions in a Contract:
A Drafter’s Perspective
» Download the Presentation | December 8, 2016

The purpose of this webinar is to take the attendee through all of the miscellaneous provisions of an executive contract and equity award agreements (typically the last three pages), identifying the various provisions that should be used, and explaining their purpose and importance. Additionally, this discussion will set forth the provisions that are often used but have little or no practical purpose. 

Identifying and Solving Pitfalls in Equity Compensation Administration
» Download the Presentation | November 10, 2016

This webinar will highlight some common and not-so-common mistakes made in stock plan administration. The program will cover issues and solutions relating to: documenting the grant of equity, retirement provisions, grants to entity recipients, vesting provisions, delegations of authority, Section 162(m) compliance, restricted stock and 83(b) elections, net exercises and net withholdings, certain “modification” issues for ISOs and NSOs, etc.

Energy Companies: Compensation Governance Survey/Trends
» Download the Presentation | October 20, 2016

The purpose of this webinar is to discuss compensation trends among publicly-traded energy corporations. To that end, we will discuss a variety of compensatory items, including: performance metrics, weightings between cash and equity, weightings between short-term and long-term compensation, types of awards, prevalence of certain governance tools (e.g., stock ownership policies, clawbacks, etc.), and certain proxy disclosure items.

Preparing for the Next Proxy Season: Start Now
» Download the Presentation | September 8, 2016

The purpose of this webinar is to help public companies prepare for the upcoming proxy season. To that end, this webinar will cover: (i) a recap of last proxy season, (ii) likely concerns of ISS and institutional shareholders, (iii) a summary of recent litigation deriving from proxy disclosure, (iv) a list of compensatory items to consider bringing to the shareholders at the next annual meeting, and (v) the ever present 162(m) reminders. 

Building a Compensation Peer Group: A Step-by-Step Approach
» Download the Presentation | August 11, 2016

Selecting an appropriate peer group is important to the compensatory analysis, especially since that peer group influences a number of compensation-related matters such as benchmarking, TSR calculations, pay ratio disclosure, and ISS recommendations. The purpose of this presentation is to walk the attendee through a step-by-step process of selecting a compensatory peer group. Substantive areas covered include securities disclosure, compensatory governance, and ISS.

Compensation Governance: Designing 10b5-1 Trading Plans
» Download the Presentation | July 14, 2016

The purpose of this program is to discuss governance and design considerations when drafting or implementing 10b5-1 trading plans. To that end, this program will cover: (i) SEC thoughts and action items, (ii) “best practices” in relation to an issuer’s pre-clearance procedures, (iii) interplay between 10b5-1 trading plans and an issuer’s insider trading policies, (iv) unique usages, and (v) background on the relevant law.

How to Increase the Life Expectancy of an Equity Plan’s Share Reserve
» Download the Presentation | June 9, 2016

Increasing the share reserve of a public company’s equity incentive plan is a process that includes engagement with ISS, knowing the voting patterns of the public company’s institutional shareholders, and carefully drafting the proxy statement. Since this process can be painful, wouldn’t it be nice if the public company did not have to “ask” on such a frequent basis? That is the purpose of this webinar — to provide the attendee with ideas on how to prolong the life expectancy of the equity plan’s share reserve, thus having to “ask” the stockholders less frequently.

Designing Change-in-Control Pay
» Download the Presentation | May 12, 2016

Attraction and retention are not the only design considerations associated with effective change-in-control pay strategies. Other equally important considerations relate to: (i) the attractiveness of the pay structure from an acquiror’s perspective, (ii) the perspective of stockholders on additional value dilution, (iii) accounting consequences, (iv) certain 409A and 280G tax issues, and (v) proxy disclosure (for public companies). The purpose of this webinar is to provide our thoughts on each of the design considerations, addressing it from both an employer and key employee perspective.

Practical Tactics to Negotiating Executive Employment Contracts
» Download the Presentation | April 14, 2016

Successfully negotiating executive employment contracts is a practiced “art,” with each side typically making concessions that impact corporate governance, tax, accounting and, for public companies, SEC disclosure rules. The purpose of this presentation is to detail the negotiation points of a typical executive contract, and to address the perspectives of both the Board of Directors and the executive as to each negotiation point.

Designing Total Shareholder Return Calculations: A “How To”
» Download the Presentation | March 10, 2016

The purpose of this presentation is to discuss total shareholder return (TSR) calculations.

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