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Diversity and Inclusion are Core Values

“Diversity and Inclusion are core values. We believe that valuing Diversity and Inclusion enhances our ability to compete for clients and talent.”

– Bob Jewell, Managing Partner Emeritus

With this declaration, we make it clear that our firm has moved beyond having diversity as a “priority” to a more diversity-mature state, to use a reference of one of the nation’s preeminent diversity thought leaders, the late Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas, Jr.

Having diversity and inclusion as core values means that we share a commitment to diversity and inclusion with our clients and are mindful of incorporating these considerations into our approach to delivering quality legal services. 


We define the dimensions of “diversity” broadly to respect such personal characteristics as race/ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion and disability as well as our individual qualities, talents, perspectives, backgrounds and experiences.

By “inclusion” we recognize the importance and value of bringing together individuals and their different perspectives into our various workplace processes. 


The firm’s Vision incorporates our commitment to diversity and inclusion:

Our diverse and inclusive culture, prudent approach to fiscal management and development of the next generation of talent will enhance our ability to serve clients and ensure our continued success.


Our Diversity and Inclusion work has three principal components: (1) marketing, branding, and business development – which encompass internal and external communications as well as community relations; (2) human capital – which encompasses talent pipeline development, recruitment, retention, professional development, and promotion of talent; and (3) procurement – which encompasses vendor diversity opportunities.

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