Green is Good

Going Green

Our Going Green initiative heightens the awareness of Andrews Kurth Kenyon employees, visitors and clients to improving and protecting our environment through practical, meaningful methods.   

Guided by a strong local impetus and focus on what we, as the firm, and each employee, can accomplish daily, our goal is to create a greener, more environmentally friendly office.   

Our Green initiative is reflective of our commitment to social responsibility. Many of our environmentally conscious activities are realizing long-term benefits such as improved employee morale, cost effectiveness and improved efficiency.  

The Green program at Andrews Kurth Kenyon addresses resource conservation, green purchasing, recycling, energy efficiency, vendor/contractor participation and more.  Highlights include: 

Recycling. There are effective recycling programs at each of our office locations. The recycle efforts include paper, plastic and glass.   In Houston, all copy paper is now comprised of 30 percent recycled content. Coffee cups, legal pads, folders and others supplies have varying levels of post consumer and/or recycled content.  

Vendors and Contractors. We are asking vendors to organize deliveries differently to minimize trips.  We have requested our contractors use products with low volatile organic compounds and eliminate the use of products that produce toxic chemicals.  We are encouraging electronic invoicing where practical. 

Buying Better Stuff. The firm purchases recyclable, renewable and sustainable products, including those with the Green Seal, and electronic equipment that has attained Energy Star ratings. Our Energy Star-rated Xerox multi-function devices are capable of double-sided printing.

Working Cleaner. We are changing office practices where feasible, encouraging less printing or double-sided printing, more electronic delivery of documents, we encourage car pooling and flexible hours where feasible and we’ve adopted a tote bag program to reduce usage of wasteful, plastic take-out food bags that proliferate in so many offices. 

At all Andrews Kurth Kenyon offices, we remain committed to improving and innovating our activities in these areas, as we strive towards meeting  the "Law Office Climate Challenge," issued by the American Bar Association and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.