About Straight Talk

Straight Talk

Straight Talk Is Our Practice Promise

Straight talk is how we communicate—with clients, colleagues, courts and adversaries.

It’s our promise to give you advice instead of just options, the bottom line instead of lawyer–speak, and the truth about where you stand and what we think. Though our individual styles may vary, our constant goal is to cut through confusion and help you succeed. Straight talk is what countless law firm clients across the country have asked for—and what we think you deserve.

These are the straight talk rules we live by:

1.  Don’t hide behind legalese

2.  Choose a direction

3.  Adopt the client’s perspective

4.  Tackle problems head-on

5.  Find simple solutions

6.  Meet deadlines

7.  Stay in touch

8.  Tell clients what they need to know, not just what they want to hear

9.  Know what comes next

10.  Respect our client’s time

11.  Bridge the gap