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Morse Musings

Clinton Morse reminisces about life at the firm over 60 years ago.

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Video - MV21

Kathleen Wu, Partner, Dallas

"It's collaborative, it's team work, it's leave your ego at the door. The culture of our firm is easy going, and team-oriented."

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Video - MV24R

Tom Perich, Chairman, Houston

"We work on really interesting deals. We work on deals that require multiple languages and lawyers in various countries."

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Video - MV20R

George Vlahakos, Partner, Houston and Bob Jewell, Managing Partner

"Big deals and small deals get the same amount of attention at Andrews Kurth."

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Video - MV11BR

Tom Taylor - Partner - Houston; Carmelo Gordian - Partner - Austin; Robin Russell - Office Managing Partner - Houston; Scott Brister - Partner - Austin

"I knew I wanted to be a lawyer when I was a very young age."

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Video - MV11D

David Whittlesey - Partner - Austin; Jeff Dodd - Partner - Houston; Ross Rommel - Partner - Houston/Austin; Tammy Brennig - Partner - Houston

"My parents knew I wanted to be a lawyer perhaps after birth. I came out of law school wanting to make the world better and that's what I think lawyers do."

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Video - MV14AR4

Jon Daly - Partner - Houston; Robin Russell - Office Managing Partner - Houston; Scott Brister - Partner - Austin

"We do a great job of hiring the best and the brightest out of school and we train them well."

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Video - MV14B

Tom Sage - Partner - Houston; Tom Taylor - Partner - Houston; Tommy Ford - Partner - Houston

"Clients should choose Andrews Kurth because we believe in strong communications."

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Video - MV15AR5

Tammy Brennig - Partner - Houston; Gene Locke - Partner - Houston; Jon Daly - Partner - Houston

"We collaborate all across the board and in each section, we work as a team."

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Video - MV19

Ross Rommel

"I tell our young lawyers, if you are the type of person who wants the ball when the shot clock is running down, put it all on the line, then you should be in the trial section. It's sports, it's sports is what it is."

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Video - MV3AR2

Gene Locke, Brooks Antweil, Tommy Ford

"It is important to be in a situation and place that allows you to be you, that is why I chose Andrews Kurth."

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Video - MV3BR

Robin Russell, Scott Brister, Jeff Dodd, Tom Taylor

"When I interviewed at the firm I was impressed by the number of women partners, the firm was on the cutting edge of recruiting women and keeping women."

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Video - MV6AR2

Tammy Brennig, Robin Russell

"Great client service means being responsive and having excellent work product."

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Video - MV6BR2

Tommy Ford, Tom Taylor, Melinda Brunger

"I define great client service as listening to the client first."

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Video - MV6CR2

Scott Brister, Robin Russell, Jon Daly, Jeff Dodd

"Great client service means having a relationship of trust."

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Video - MV7AR4

Brooks Antweil, David Whittlesey, Tom Taylor

"The culture of Andrews Kurth is work hard, play hard."

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Video - MV7B

Jeff Dodd, Carmelo Gordian, Ross Rommel, Tammy Brennig

"This is a great law firm and it is our responsibility to pass it along to the next generation."

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Video - AV6

Fondest Memories

"I have so many fond memories of working at Andrews Kurth and they all have to do with the people."

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Video - AV9CR2

Keeping in Touch is Important

Melinda Brunger, Carmelo Gordian, Robin Russell, Tammy Brennig

"In a sophisticated legal practice it is a smaller world than you would think. We look at our institute as a family, so people who have been part of the family will always be part of the family."


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Video - AV10

Welcome to the Andrews Kurth Alumni Website

"Staying in touch with lawyers who have left our Firm is really important to us, so we have created this website as a tool for our Alums to reconnect and stay in touch."