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Women's Initiative

Andrews Kurth Kenyon values the perspectives that all our employees contribute.  In particular, we recognize the distinct views and life experiences that women add to our ability to excel globally across cultural, gender and political lines.   

Just as our clients’ diversity and female leadership have expanded, we also encourage and support recruiting, retaining and advancing women lawyers at Andrews Kurth.  

Innovating Opportunities

We organized our Women’s Initiative Team (WIT) in 2004 to offer various marketing and networking opportunities, mentoring circles, quarterly luncheons and Flex Path.  

Comprised of different female and male lawyers across practice areas in various offices, as well as key administrative leaders from diversity, professional development, recruiting and marketing, WIT represents an ongoing commitment to expand successful women’s initiatives into firmwide initiatives. Since its inception, WIT has implemented numerous initiatives including:  

Flex Path Policy

Reduced hour partnership track. This path is available to well-performing men and women who have practiced full time for four years and three years with our firm. So far, three lawyers were elected to the Partnership who were in our Flex Path program.  

New Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave Policy

Networking and Client Development

Community Service 

The firm's formal support of WIT includes regularly scheduled monthly meetings with more than a dozen committee members collaborate to expand initiatives and projects in recruitment, retention and professional development.

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Advisory Members

Catherine Gannon Foxman

Deborah Roth Grabein

Amy Sladczyk Hancock

Elizabeth S. Harwood

Kelli Lilienstern

Kendall Lowery

Ashley Ronald Nelly

Thomas J. Perich