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Hunton Andrews Kurth is an active member of the World Law Group, an invitation-only, global network of leading law firms with offices in 78 countries. For nearly 30 years, World Law Group firms have built deep personal and professional bonds, attending twice-a-year conferences and working closely together on hundreds of substantial projects. Through the World Law Group network, we provide clients seamless access to first-tier legal assistance, unsurpassed local knowledge and global sophistication around the world.

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Global business, investments, transactions and disputes are increasingly significant and prevalent. Yet international legal advisory needs are always as unique as each individual client. For one company, the ability to access responsive, top-flight legal professionals on the ground in varied jurisdictions any day (and time zone) is essential. For another, occasional guidance and insight into the laws and regulations of a specific jurisdiction, or just confirming “how things are done” in a particular region, might be all that is required.

Maintaining the responsiveness, international reach, operational flexibility and cost-efficiency required to meet a range of clients’ needs for top-quality legal services all around the world has been the World Law Group’s central mission since its founding almost 30 years ago.

Each WLG member firm shares a commitment to delivering exceptional legal services and an enthusiasm for helping each other to continuously enhance the quality of those services for the benefit of all of the members’ clients, wherever they do business.

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