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We view our firm as a leader in appropriately recognizing performance and providing competitive compensation in each of our practice locations. 

Our evaluation process is robust and our professional training and development programs are outstanding. They are the key components we use to recognize and develop our administrative support staff.  

Growth Opportunities

We provide a wide range of training opportunities, beginning with a focused on-boarding process, the cornerstone of ongoing learning and talent development at our firm.

Technical computer training, practice area education programs, mentoring and a host of other opportunities are available to our support staff professionals through classroom instruction, webinars, interactive eLearning plans, skills assessment and coaching opportunities.

Excellence at Work

To succeed at Andrews Kurth Kenyon, a candidate should be passionate about exceptional client service—whether collaborating with a peer or interacting with lawyers and clients. 

This commitment to clients will demonstrate itself in a willingness to work beyond designated office hours when necessary, volunteerism when not busy and an innate professionalism concerning attendance, punctuality, workload distribution and other core work values.

Our firm culture thrives on teamwork and a spirit of cooperation. These qualities are essential to the services we provide and our ongoing pledge to improving and innovating our client relationships.