Protecting You

Emergency Preparedness

We continually work to enhance our safety practices and communications during an emergency. In the event we experience an emergency, both clients and firm personnel can visit this page for office status and other related communications from firm management.

The Emergency Response Team reminds everyone that hurricane season begins each year on June 1. While we are making our typical preparations across the firm (checking for government updates, restocking emergency supplies, testing backup systems, etc.), we encourage you to review your preparedness at home and for your family.

Even if you have done this annually and feel you are prepared, be sure to check your home supplies for:

Once you have your home and family plan in place and up-to-date, it’s wise to create an evacuation plan (including a destination, if needed).

The Texas Department of Transportation has brochures describing each hurricane evacuation route for this area (I-10, I-45, US-59, and US-290). Information is available on their website.

The Firm’s Response Team will continue monitoring and communicating on storms or other possible disruptions. While we hope to avoid any disruption or loss, we urge all of us to take the necessary preparations should an event occur. Thank you for being prepared, stay safe!

Should you have any questions regarding the firm's emergency preparedness plan, please contact Jeff Spiers.