Building Our Client’s Case with Straight Talk

Disputes can arise at any stage of the construction process, from commitments at a project’s start to fundamental disputes over performance after its completion. 

Construction litigation is often high risk—large damage awards, established, professional reputations and emotional concerns are frequently involved.

To resolve conflicts, our lawyers understand that all parties—contractors, developers and owners—each have their own interests and an equal stake in the outcome. That’s where our firm’s Straight Talk helps.

Resolving Construction Disputes

Practical experience and pragmatic approaches define our management of litigation challenges. Counseling in both the residential and commercial construction industry, our lawyers represent:

We combine our background in the construction industry and technical knowledge in construction defects, design, financing and product liability with well-honed dispute resolution skills. From solving complicated fact patterns to the assignment of responsibility, we focus on the best way to protect reputations and investments.

Because our clients typify all key participants in the construction process, the scope of our counsel is comprehensive:

Our lawyers represent general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and construction managers in lawsuits involving allegations of defective construction in large commercial projects. These include hospitals, office buildings and condominiums.

Often these cases can be complicated and involve numerous plaintiffs and defendants, multiple technical disciplines and large volumes of technical drawings and designs. 

In our practical, real world approach, we work with clients to preserve and analyze all project documents and correspondence, including change orders, to identify the responsibility for defect and design claims. This thoroughness is essential to achieve the best outcome, as we did in such matters as:

Developer Litigation

Our firm handles a variety of construction cases for developers of residential and multifamily properties.

We defend developers in construction defect claims brought by dissatisfied single-home buyers and by renters in major apartment complexes. Our defense counsel also includes representing condominium developers in similar multiparty construction disputes.

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