The Internet has created an entirely new legal dynamic as well as a new social and business one. From advertising to intellectual property to privacy and e-commerce, the online environment has generated novel legal issues and challenges. Our lawyers have been in the forefront of Internet and e-commerce law since it began to emerge in the early 1990s.

Taking a Leadership Perspective

We have years of real-world experience representing leading Internet infrastructure, content and service companies and other businesses and organizations that constitute the network universe:

Whether they need advice on everyday business issues or on cutting-edge policy questions that help shape the future of law online, we know how to help them. Our Internet lawyers have real-world experience, including roles as senior executives at the technology companies paving new paths. Our lawyers are regarded as leaders in the discipline, and are frequently asked to speak or write about the evolving nature of Internet law. 

Our team includes the authors of Cyberspace and the Law: Your Rights and Duties in the On-Line World, which, when published by MIT Press in 1994, was one of the first books to identify and tackle novel and emerging Internet legal issues. In short, we grasp legal theory, and the bottom-line technology and business issues our clients confront every day.

Conducting the Business of e-Business

What sets our firm's Internet lawyers apart is our almost unparalleled experience at structuring and negotiating e-business agreements of all types. We give the right advice—fast—on all the contractual basics regarding:

Often these contracts involve the formation of strategic alliances or joint venture arrangements—and we are skilled at creating these as well as a variety of partner programs and development deals.

Ensuring Web Advertising Compliance

Innovative Internet advertising and promotion methods are increasingly scrutinized by regulators and the public. Our firm is well versed in all aspects of Internet advertising compliance. From banner ad placements to the appropriateness and legality of direct e-mail campaigns, we help our clients comply with all applicable federal and state laws. We know about Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requirements and review Web advertising for false claims and misleading comparisons to competitors, and for compliance with regulations governing sweepstakes and contests. We also ensure compliance with rules governing advertising aimed at children.

Understanding Online Privacy Regulation

A growing number of federal statutes aim to protect the privacy of Internet users. We review the Internet privacy policies of our clients to make sure they comply with all provisions of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and other relevant laws and regulations. We also advise Internet companies of their rights and restrictions regarding user profiling, the use of cookies and similar user identification technologies, service provider search warrants and subpoenas, and encryption applications and technologies.

Recognizing the Risks of Internet Business

The power of the Internet as a communication medium makes it ripe for abuse. We understand the risks, and advise our service provider clients on their potential liability regarding unanticipated misuses of network resources, adult-oriented materials, online defamation and similar issues—particularly when they involve conflicting state or international regulations. In addition, network security is a major integrity issue for the Web, and we help our clients prevent and, when necessary, respond to computer crime and hacking episodes, including computer trespass, denial of service and similar attacks.

Advising on New Media and Multimedia Issues

The fields of technology law and entertainment law are fast converging in much the same way that television and computers are converging. Our firm counsels on all aspects of traditional entertainment law, and its intersection with how content is distributed and exploited on the Internet. We advise entertainment clients on recording, songwriting, publishing, syndication, merchandising and endorsement contracts to ensure that their copyrighted works are protected against piracy, yet still accessible to the new markets that the Internet makes possible.

Focusing on Cutting-edge Online Intellectual Property Issues

Developing and protecting intellectual property assets is crucial to success in the online world. Our firm's Internet lawyers focus on the intellectual property of our clients, whether they need help with developing and licensing software on the Internet, branding (or co-branding) their products and services, and otherwise structuring and enhancing the value of their IP portfolio. We emphasize these key areas of intellectual asset management for our Internet clients:

Moving at Internet Speed

Internet law, like the medium itself, is rapidly changing. There was a lot to learn from the technology and meltdown. The companies that remain strong, are making a comeback or are new to market and are building value with tried and true formulas—these are our clients.

Our firm has proven that we can move at Internet speed and give our clients straight talk on their options and opportunities.

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