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Andrews Kurth Kenyon Turns 115

Firm Celebrates Anniversary on September 1, 2017
September 1, 2017
Houston, Texas

A Message from Bob Jewell, Managing Partner

This year, we mark our anniversary with a heavy heart, as we watch our beloved hometown of Houston suffer from devastating floods that have affected every person in the Houston and The Woodlands offices. The bravery, generosity, resilience and kindness that we have all witnessed in the last week has been as awe-inspiring as Harvey has been cruel and merciless.

Events like these remind us that we are family. We are fortunate to have a worldwide firm, with exceptionally talented lawyers and staff around the globe, able to step in to help each other and our clients at a profoundly challenging time. 

It is a cycle that repeats itself, whether it’s large-scale events like flooding or terror attacks, or the more personal challenges that impact each of us, such as illness or the loss of a loved one. We are here for each other and for our communities.

On our 115th anniversary, I want to thank you all for being dedicated members of the Andrews Kurth Kenyon family. Whether you live in the Houston area and have been personally impacted by this event or you are part of our extended, worldwide family and have helped our Houston and Woodlands teams through this period, I am personally grateful for all you have done. 

Each of you is a tribute to our founders and the thousands of women and men who have followed in their footsteps. As the saying goes, we did not inherit this Firm from them; we are simply borrowing it from our grandchildren. 

Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment.

And may our 116th anniversary not be quite so wet.

- Bob Jewell

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