Latin America/Caribbean

Latin America/Caribbean

Our Firm in Latin America and the Caribbean 

With experience in leading projects and counseling clients in virtually every Latin American country and the Caribbean region, our lawyers are valuable resources for the development of business opportunities and the protection of interests.  We are active in nearly every Latin American market, extending from Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Guatemala to Honduras and Ecuador, from Argentina and Brazil to Chile, Peru, Panama and beyond. 

We are skilled in representing United States and international investors, including Latin American investors, on both inbound investments originating in Latin America and the Caribbean and outbound investments originating in the United States or further afield.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, government entities, equity funds, financial institutions and a range of commercial developers and private interests.  Major areas of experience and counsel include:

Legal Services in Latin America and the Caribbean

Our strong experience in Latin America began with major oil and gas pipeline financings and the transformation of Argentina’s former state-owned energy concern into one of the world’s largest publicly traded oil and gas exploration and production companies. 

Our representations expanded to development and financing for the electricity markets, including numerous greenfield projects, and cross-border investments for a variety of other industries.  We are also active in the structuring of financing vehicles for key capital markets in the region. 

Our lawyers have a solid record of working with the legal systems in numerous Latin American and Caribbean countries and enjoy strong working relationships with leading law firms in those countries. 

Backed by our Corporate practice group, our firm’s multifaceted transactional counsel work with clients to identify and mitigate legal, regulatory and other emerging market risks attendant to financing.  We structure and document joint ventures, strategic acquisitions/dispositions and other business combinations, and select, coordinate and manage local project counsel.

Our legal services in Latin America and the Caribbean include representation in:

Energy and Infrastructure Finance

As a global leader in the successful development, financing, restructuring, acquisition and disposition of energy and other infrastructure assets, our firm provides expansive counsel in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Our lawyers advise U.S. energy companies in connection with cross-border acquisitions, joint-venture tax planning, equipment sale and leasing transactions, and the development, financing and acquisition/disposition of power projects.  Representative matters include:

Structured Finance, Mortgage Securitization and Asset-Backed Financing

Our securitization lawyers have been at the forefront of international transactions, including many “firsts” in a number of Latin American countries. Representative matters include:

International Regulatory/State-Owned Companies

Our firm assists governments in a number of Latin American countries with regulatory matters for their energy industries including the restructuring of their energy regulatory frameworks and privatization. Our lawyers have also been successful in assisting formerly state-owned energy companies privatize and secure public financing.  Representative matters include:

International Transactions and Corporate Counsel

Using firm-wide resources in Corporate, Tax, Insurance, Banking, Finance and other practice groups, our firm also counsels clients conducting business in Latin America in such areas as: 


Oil and Gas 

Our firm’s representation in oil and gas projects includes counsel to global oilfield services and international drillings contractors.  Representative matters include:

Banking/International Financial Institutions

Our work with financial institutions based in Latin America, and conducting business there, includes:

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