Antitrust Litigation

Antitrust Litigation

Straight Talk Resolution of Antitrust Disputes

Antitrust is about balance—achieving competitive goals within the boundaries of the law. Our lawyers understand that striking that balance in business also entails recognizing and maximizing opportunities. When this leads to conflicts, that’s where our straight talk comes in to play. 

Experienced in multidistrict, federal and state antitrust litigation, and in governmental investigations, our lawyers defend clients in antitrust inquiries and disputes and resolve high-stakes complex litigation.  Our areas of representation include: 

Our lawyers assist clients in responding to regulatory inquiries. We encourage the good faith efforts of clients and vigorously defend them in challenges, all while keeping overarching business goals in view. 

Our litigation counsel helps global industry leaders in energy, financial services, transportation, food and manufacturing find a proper and workable balance. 

Our antitrust lawyers work to protect clients’ interests and reduce their liability exposure. We have received wide recognition, including from Chambers USA, Global Competition Review and Best Lawyers for our exemplary trial outcomes and skillful management of complex antitrust challenges. At the helm of our practice is a veteran litigator who was also one of Benchmark Litigation’s top 250 women litigators in the country in 2016 and a member of the leadership of the ABA Section of Antitrust Law.

Antitrust Disputes and Litigation

We have the experience and resources to litigate any civil or criminal antitrust matter. Our lawyers effectively represent clients in courtrooms and before government agencies. We defend clients in disputes alleging anticompetitive conduct and we assert their rights against the unfair conduct of others. Our record in antitrust litigation includes: 

Government Investigations

Federal and state antitrust laws give antitrust regulators the power to investigate companies and individuals regarding alleged anticompetitive conduct and merger and acquisition transactions.  

While an effective compliance program is always our first defense, if clients receive civil investigative demands, subpoenas or information requests, we work with them to craft a proper response. We regularly represent a variety of companies in responding to government antitrust investigations.  

Antitrust Counseling and Compliance and Training Programs

By thoroughly understanding our clients’ businesses, we work to identify and help forestall actions that could raise competitive issues. 

The strategies that we formulate evolve in the context of everyday business decisions, market forces and regulatory frameworks. Issues we regularly address include contractual, pricing and distribution concerns and interactions with customers, suppliers and competitors. 

We create antitrust compliance and training programs for clients that do not have them and offer suggestions for improvements to existing ones. 

To maintain the strength of compliance programs, we extend our resources to clients on an ongoing basis through educational seminars and programs on antitrust matters designed to help employees understand their legal obligations. 

Industry Experience in Antitrust

Our firm handles numerous antitrust civil and criminal investigations and trials. Our industry experience includes: 

Our experience across a wide range of industries furthers our efficient and strategic handling of antitrust litigation.  

While many antitrust disputes can and should be resolved before trial, if the case proceeds to trial we have lawyers who are battle-tested at trial in significant antitrust cases.

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