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Trade Secrets/Trade Dress

In today’s increasingly competitive business climate, the need to protect proprietary technological and business information is at an all-time high. With ever-shortening business cycles, it may be prudent to avail oneself of trade secret protection as opposed to the patent application process, under which it may take years to obtain protection. We recognize that our clients work hard to gain a competitive advantage through developing and keeping confidential trade secrets, and our intellectual property lawyers work hard to make sure they maintain that advantage. We have worked with clients to establish appropriate procedures to secure their sensitive information. Our success in this area has enabled our clients to minimize the inappropriate disclosure of trade secrets.

Technical Secrets

We have over 70 attorneys with electrical engineering, computer science, math, mechanical engineering and physics degrees, including masters and Ph.Ds. We are distinguished by our depth of knowledge not only in the law but in addressing technical issues, for example, in the computer hardware, software, electronics, internet and information technologies, materials, semiconductor and telecommunications industries.

Our firm also has nearly 80 attorneys with chemistry, chemical engineering, biology and medical degrees. A number of attorneys worked in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech industries as scientists and engineers prior to joining the firm. This industry experience coupled with our legal acumen makes us a leader in understanding the intersection of law and science.

It is this technological and legal experience that causes companies with leading edge technology to routinely turn to us to assist them with their technological trade secret issues.

Business and Marketing Secrets

In addition, our trade secret practice can also rely upon the resources found in our trademark, copyright and trade dress practices. Our experience in addressing the concerns of our clients in their advertising and marketing efforts has allowed us to develop a wealth of experience in, for example, protecting customer lists and unreleased product designs.

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